Thursday, May 5, 2011

Looking Back and Moving Forward..........

Dear Readers:

After 19 posts and 21 months, I thought, I would take a pause and look at the journey so far.

Here are my notes:

1. I must confess my reading habit stands influenced by blog writing. If a book is likely to take a long time to complete, I would not pick it in the first place or I have one backup plan. Also, if the book is not good enough, I drop it half way which I never used to do before.

2. In the beginning (mostly 2009 posts), it was very easy since, I have read a few books and put the notes or commentary in bits somewhere. So, effort to assemble and put them in blog was not much. When such inventory ran out, it proved a little more interesting.

3. I am thankful to the people who have commented in public for some of their comments they have made were evocative enough for other readers to get in to action. In some cases, people did buy the books commented in JuJubax which is a good thing.

4. Next set of active people are the ones who send me e-mails. For whatever reasons, they would not want to express in public, but in terms of the quality of feedback it is truly awesome. So much so, I think more than twice about such readers before posting. My thanks to this private and active group. Some of the ideas for next-book-to-be-posted came from this group.

5. There are a set people who read the blog but would neither comment nor send emails for all posts. Thanks to them for the time being spent on the postings.

6. I also see a reasonable number of visitors (thanks to Feedjit) from various geographies like Brazil, Peru, Australia and Africa etc where I have no reach otherwise. I surmise, some of it would be accidental one time visitor category because of some search results and some of it would be a crawler. My thanks to such “unique visitors” and “algorithms inside the crawlers”.

By and large, it has been an enriching journey for me and I would keep you all posted by posting ;-)

Cheers and regards,


PS: Next post in June 2011.

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